Writing and life

Today ends one year and I am especially sensitive, so I ask you permission to transcend in this entry what is strictly related to spelling or grammar.

This blog is about writing and, for me, writing, in many of its aspects, is like life itself. You can not finish a paper without reflecting on it, as you can not end any cycle without stopping to think … Have we done well ?, Have we put passion ?, Have we achieved our goals ?, Are we arriving? to others ?, etc. Questions are valid for all our works, literary or vital.

However, for this to work, one must know how to practice the noble exercise of humility. Some literature professionals say that if something you’ve written seems good enough to you, you should worry.

In part I share the idea, keeping the limits just with a prudent dose of self-confidence and self-confidence. It is not about never being satisfied with what we do, nor demanding too much until we fall into constant frustration, but about being critical when evaluating ourselves.

We have already detected the weak points of our writing or of our days, now we have to correct! This will never seem enough, no matter how many times we review there will always be mistakes, there lies the interesting part of the road, the difficulty of the task and the challenge of learning to improve day by day.

Our eyes fail and, after all, they are only two, so we are never afraid to give what we do to others to enrich ourselves with their point of view. This, likewise, will be good for us in our lives, because a correct feedback on time can provide valuable information to straighten the destiny of our paths.

Every good writer worth his salt has to read a lot and be able to erase and retreat as many times as necessary. This is also like life, the more we observe and listen to the trajectories of others, the more knowledge we will have of the human being, the more sensitive and empathetic we will be and the more straight we will trace our lines.

Of course, we must always be willing to go back, ask for forgiveness, rectify, cross out, reinvent ourselves …

You can not write without believing in an idea, without trusting your possibilities, without vibrating with passion … just as you can not live without having these ingredients at your fingertips. As you can see, there are many similarities that I find between writing and life.

Perhaps for this reason, today, at this point and followed, I wanted to stop and review everything written and done in this blog during the year that ends. Also for this I need feedback, that you give me your wise look to know how to improve, complete, better fulfill your expectations …

And finally, I did not want to miss this day without sending my best wishes for next year: May your courage always overcome your fears; that you do not face challenges without strength to save them; that you always find the dose of beauty necessary to appease the bitterness; that your strong self-esteem overcomes any offense, envy or attempt to make you feel inferior; May loneliness pass you by; that you love and feel until your body trembles; may health always accompany you and your loved ones; that the money is enough so that you do not lose sleep; that you find your place in this world and surrender yourself to your passion; and that you never forget to dream, to wish and trust that if you want, you can! Happy 20013 and thank you for making this community possible around our website!