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ShrimpFest 2011


This is a list of contributions made by ShrimpFest from our proceeds. 
As 2010 proceeds are distributed, this site will be updated with the new data.


Brinnon exness web terminal Community Center - computer equipment    $500
Brinnon Food Bank    $1200
Brinnon School      $1500
Dollars for Scholars    $1500
Olympic Music Festival (Quilcene)    $1500
Quilcene Community Center - exterior landscaping   $1000
Total    $7,200

Brinnon Food Bank    $2200
Brinnon Community Center Emergency Generator $1500 (funds committed-not yet distributed)
Quilcene Community Center   $500
Dollars for Scholars    $1500
Earth Stewardship   $500  (funds committed-not yet distributed)
Senior Nutrition Program   $1000
Washington State Parks    $240
Total    $7,440 exness webtrader

Quilcene Brinnon Chamber of Commerce   $500
Brinnon Food Bank  $1200
Brinnon Family Fun Night at the Community Center   $200
Brinnon Public Health Class     $500
Brinnon Community Center Emergency Generator   $2500 (funds committed-not yet distributed)
Quilcene Community Center   $1250
Quilcene Fair   $500
Dollars for Scholars   $1500
Coyle Community Center  $1000
Total   $9,150

In the past, Emerald Towns Alliance has contributed in many ways to enhance the Brinnon School facility when funding has been so severely limited.  Funds and services were donated to replace windows, replace the furnace,  replace ceilings in the class-rooms, replace lockers, repair or replace lights and plugs, and a complete renovation of the girls restroom.  These improvements would have cost the taxpayer over $48,374.00.  Donations have also been made to the webtrader exness Brinnon Fire Department, Brinnon Community Center, Brinnon Bobcats Soccer Camp and a long list of others. 

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